Constitution Bee challenges students


Fourth-graders at Langston Magnet School competed in the second annual Constitution Bee Sept. 27.

According to a news release, students were asked questions taken directly from the official naturalization test, which is required of individuals seeking to become citizens of the United States. The idea came about after a Langston English as a Second Language Facilitator was teaching English to another staff member who was working through the citizenship process. Teachers realized the students could benefit from studying the same content.

Questions from the test are focused on U.S. civics and history, leadership, government structure and legal processes, and geography. The Constitution Bee is organized similar to a spelling bee.

Teachers were given Constitution Bee questions more than one month ago, and many have practiced with students since that time, the release said. Winners of the Constitution Bee include Azarah Lewis, first place, Kyle Young, second place, and Alfredo Perez, third place. All three students are from Kim Cox's class.

School on 10/07/2018

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