Class of '68 says 'thanks'

Dear editor:

The Hot Springs High School Class of 1968 wishes to thank several local businesses for their part in a successful 50th high school reunion. Our Friday night event was held at the Superior Brewery. The upstairs was welcoming and the service and food excellent. Many thanks to Katie and Becca for making everyone happy. Saturday's ladies' luncheon took place at Cafe 1217. Thanks to Ron for making space for 30 ladies. The Saturday evening dinner and dance at the Embassy Suites could not have gone better. The accommodations, food, and service were impeccable! Thanks, Kerrie and Seth, for all you did. Thanks also to Gary Jackson who presented an informative presentation about the historic high school building located on Oak Street. Since the class of 1968 is the last class to graduate from that building, attendees were excited to learn about the history of the building and to see the photos presented.

It is quite a task to organize a reunion but, it was made easier with the help of the people mentioned above!

Much appreciation,

HSHS 50 Committee

Editorial on 11/04/2018

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