The spoiled brats


Dear editor:

Rebuttal to "The simple life."

Sorry sir, you can only get 99.99 percent Trump bashing every day in your newspaper, instead of the 100 percent you'd like.

I repeat -- there is nothing worse than a spoiled brat wanting everything their way.

Sorry sir, you own Benghazi, Uranium One, crime in our streets from Hillary supporters, deleted emails, L.R. scandals, W.H. scandals and you think Republicans are the worst?

Republicans want Americans to get a job. Dems want illegals to do the jobs so that our young, healthy folks get other folks' tax money paid to the government, buying them a vote. Cruel!

Good work, Mr. Bauer.

God bless America and President Trump.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/13/2018

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