Overly simplistic ABCs


Dear editor:

I was hoping to greet the New Year as a time of reconciliation, where people of all faiths, cultures and viewpoints would work together for a brighter future.

Ha! Along comes Mr. Bauer and his myopic view of the world. In his Jan. 10 letter, he clearly expresses a misunderstanding of who did what, how and why during Katrina in New Orleans. Venturing into other areas of no knowledge, he misrepresents the Detroit dilemma and the complex Cuban issue. His overly simplistic ABCs -- it's the Democrats fault.

Larry, there are too many Larrys -- we need new and fresh antagonism lacking critical thinking for 2018. You are so 2017!

And you need better jokes -- if a tree falls in the forest and the media reports it, is it fake news?

Michael Preble

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/13/2018

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