The simple life


Dear editor:

Recently having moved to Mount Ida, I still drive every morning to pick up my Sentinel-Record. You guys do a great job. I would especially like to thank consistent letter writer Larry Bauer of Hot Springs. After reading his last few submissions, I finally got what he was saying, and it has made my whole life so much simpler. Larry can do the same for you, as well. Just read him.

I applied what Larry says to my own every day life. For example, one day last week I walked out to discover I had a flat tire. Thinking of what Mr. Bauer has written, I realized it was the fault of Democrats. I quickly put my spare on, using my tools, no doubt made by a Republican-driven corporation.

From there I drove briskly to work, thankful to have a job. I've never asked my bosses their political affiliation, but after reading Larry, I have no doubt these job creators are Republican.

At lunch, I drove through a local fast food drive-through, only to discover after leaving they had my order wrong and didn't put in the condiments I requested. Undoubtedly a chain started by Democrats.

Yet I remained in good spirits. I work in a strictly commission-driven business, and that day I sold three out of seven prospects. No doubt the three were Republicans, and the others that refused to listen to reason were Democrats.

Upon arriving home, I realized how simple Larry had made life for me, and I turned on Fox News to spend the rest of my evening in bliss.

The greatest thing about Larry's philosophy? If you buy in, there's no personal accountability. Anything that goes wrong I can blame on Democrats, and all triumphs, I can give myself and Republicans credit.

Talk about a win-win. Thanks, Larry Bauer. Life is good. For some of us.

Casey Alexander

Mount Ida

Editorial on 01/09/2018

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