Drain the Hog swamp

Dear editor:

Arkansas is getting a new football coach from SMU. They say he is a good coach, but his college record does not indicate same -- but he won three high school State Championships in Texas, not an easy task unless it was at Lake Travis where football is king and the boys are bred for football. We also have a new athletic director. He is from the University of Houston. Perhaps the two of them together can figure out how to recruit better players from Texas and talk them into moving to Fayetteville, Ark., where the winters are cold and the girls are hot.

To hire these two guys, Arkansas had to fire two other guys and agree to pay them handsomely -- a total of nearly $16 million at a rate of around $300,000 per month for the next 60 months. That is five years, folks, just to fire them!

The above mentioned $300,000 per month is pocket change for the Razorback Foundation, which will also have to pay another $1 million per month for 20 years to pay for the stadium expansion which will only increase seating capacity by 4,800 seats, yet cost an astounding quarter of a billion dollars -- $250,000,000.

The U of A is a land grant college, which means that it, the football team and the football stadium are owned by the people of Arkansas. Yet, the average pig farmer out there can't afford to make donations to the Razorback Foundation for the right to purchase tickets for good seats. I wonder if the rich guys running the U of A are related to the rich guys in Washington, D.C., who believe in deficit spending, high taxes and to hell with the little guy? Perhaps the swamp in Fayetteville also needs to be drained.

By the way, this craziness goes right along with offering Gus Malzahn $700,000 per month ($50 million over five years) to coach the Hogs. Who are those guys?

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/07/2018

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