Building permits

Feb. 2

Mark Van Oversteeg, 254 St. George St., $6,500, extend existing deck to rear of dwelling with roof around side, uncovered.

Mark Lillard, Highmark Construction, 205 Cherokee St., $16,000, enclose carport for added bedroom, install walkway beside carport.

Feb. 5

Brick City Slice House, 765 Park Ave., $100, certificate of occupancy.

Feb. 6

Home Ranges, LLC, 201 Pond St., $20,000, certificate of occupancy, formerly Mitchell Construction to convert to batting cages.

Orville Poole, Poole Plastering & Construction Co., Inc., 2010 Central Ave., $5,900, repairing storefront.

Feb. 7

Rhonda Fleming, 317 Vista Ave., $1,500, bring to code.

Feb. 8

Diana Tedford, South Park Realty, 3907 Central Ave., Suite H, $1,500, adding a partition wall.

L. Bright, 219 Poplar St., $500, replace garage door with wall to become a bedroom.

Sergio Rodriguez, 718 Lakeshore Drive, $3,000, changing windows and adding vinyl siding.

Local on 02/12/2018

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