McFarland Eye Care offers free glaucoma screenings


McFarland Eye Care is offering free glaucoma screenings to the general public at the McFarland clinic in Hot Springs. In conjunction with National Glaucoma Awareness Month, these screenings will provide a quick way for any person to learn if they have signs of glaucoma, which indicate the need for additional medical attention.

The free screenings in Hot Springs will be offered Feb. 12 and each person will be seen by one of the qualified doctors on the McFarland staff. Anyone interested in this service should call 501-318-1111 to schedule an appointment for the free screening.

Glaucoma affects more than 4 million Americans and is the second leading cause of blindness in this country. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness. More than 35,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

"There are no early warning signs. Once vision problems begin, the damage cannot be corrected," explained Dr. Evan Newbolt in the press release. "Glaucoma is not curable, but it can be managed if caught in time. That's why early detection is so critical."

Glaucoma damages the optic nerve which leads to progressive loss of vision. It is often referred to as the "sneak thief of sight" because the progression is gradual and many people do not realize they have glaucoma until vision loss has occurred.

Glaucoma can occur to any person, at any age. However, there are certain groups who are at higher risk for this disease including:

• African-Americans.

• Those with a family history of glaucoma.

• Those who have diabetes.

• Persons over the age of 60.

"We have patients who walk in every week and don't realize their vision is steadily being compromised by glaucoma," said Newbolt. "We hope that our free screenings will increase awareness so that these people can be diagnosed and receive the treatment they need -- before precious vision is lost."

The award-winning McFarland Eye Care team has been serving Arkansans for more than 36 years.

McFarlands offers safe and convenient outpatient surgery with the help of experienced and friendly staff, and provides skilled clinical care for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, dry eye and complete eye exams.

In addition to state-of-the-art options for cataract surgery, the practice offers oculofacial plastics surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery and custom bladeless LASIK. "The McFarland Eye Care medical team is led by eight well-trained and caring doctors who serve patients at clinics located in Pine Bluff, Hot Springs, Little Rock and Bryant." For more information, visit http://www.McFarlandEye.com.

Business on 02/05/2018

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