Too good to be true


Dear editor:

I am daily amused at the number of people that fall for the idea that free comes with no consequences. Judith Zitko has finally come to the realization that government giveaways sometimes have those consequences. I hope the current generation of citizens who are planning for retirement are listening to Judith. If you want to see what it will be like to rely on the government to be your savior, example "A" is Judith. Example B is "Doc" Crawford.

Obviously, everyone who contributes to the government coffers their entire working life through payroll taxes would like to be able to rely on those programs when they retire. They are not free when you are paying for them weekly through a paycheck. My word of caution is that if it looks and sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Have you ever heard of "PONZI"? If you go through life judging every financial decision with this in mind you will be well served. If you go through life relying on the government to be your savior, you will eventually be miserable.

Conservatives have, for years, tried to make our liberal friends realize that government is not the answer. If you work and prepare for your retirement and use the government plans as a bonus in retirement you will prosper. If you decide to rely on the government to save, care, feed and house you during retirement, you might get lucky. Judith has found trust is not warranted. Government owes you nothing! They only want your vote. Once they have that, they do not need you anymore. Keep voting Democrat; they will give you anything you need to keep you on the hook for your vote.

The next time you vote, listen to the candidates who guarantee you a utopia for nothing. Take the blinders off! Younger voters, liberals, progressives, please note that free college and Medicare for all comes at a cost to someone. That someone will one day be you! I know; you don't care! The progressive liberal's goal is to overwhelm our system with giveaways (for your vote) to the point that the country cannot financially survive. The idea is to rebuild it through socialist ideals, with them in charge. They have almost accomplished their goal. The bankruptcy of our government is closer every day. Someone has to balance the books, thus cuts to programs. Neither party is responsible enough in spending or saving. All they have to say is "Free" to get your vote. Unfortunately, we have trained generations to believe that you do not have to perform to reap rewards.

Edward K. "Rick" Cherry

Hot Springs

Editorial on 08/09/2018

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