Unnecessary searches

Dear editor:

My wife and I decided to go to a family friendly movie on Friday, July 20, 2018, to the 9 p.m. show. The cinema in the proximity of the enclosed mall in Hot Springs was our usual date night go to, where we usually bought two tickets for $22, a large drink, $6.75, and a popcorn, $6.50. Thank goodness we only bought tickets and nothing else.

We chose our seats and were charged $22, with no clue of what was to follow. At the ticket collection counter, the young lady took our tickets and tore them to be counted, and then she demanded to look through my wife's purse. We were shocked and refused. She then informed us that if we did not comply with the baggage search, we would not be allowed to view the screening.

This kind of forced compliance seemed outrageous to my wife and I, so we justly requested a refund of our $22. The ticket clerk asked us to follow her to what I assume was a manager in order to receive our refund. The manager informed us that we would not be receiving a refund and the tickets are nonrefundable, as stated on the back. I told her that we didn't receive the tickets in order to read that until after we had paid, this makes no sense, please refund my money, as we would never submit to any search which violates our God-given rights.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution frees the people from unnecessary search and seizure. My wife then asked the manager if she was a law enforcement official and if she had a search warrant, which she did not. We asked again for a refund so that we may leave the establishment peaceably. She told us, "There is no way you're getting your money back." I then informed her that I would use every resource at my disposal to make the public aware of this problem as we left the premises. She accepted and told us, "Do what you gotta do."

Well, I am doing my best as an American citizen to express my outrage at this violation of personal freedom. You made my wife feel stressed, insulted and publicly humiliated. There were no services rendered or refund given, so all we received was the theft of our hard earned $22, in a highly disrespectful and unnecessary situation.

My family and I will never spend another dime in this establishment. What's next? Full body cavity searches just to go see a movie and spend some time with your family. And what would this search mean under HIPPA laws? Someone might just have a personal medical issue for which they need to carry medication in a bag!

Benjamin Franklin said, "Any American that gives up freedom for security deserves neither."

J. Ells

Hot Springs

Editorial on 08/05/2018

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