Right and wrong

Dear editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Scott Ruff's letter of July 28 in which he misrepresents what I wrote in an earlier letter, plus gets a fact or two wrong.

In it, he claims I wrote one of Trump's biggest accomplishments was separating children from their parents after being caught crossing the border illegally. I never wrote any such thing. I was simply taking/rebutting what an earlier writer had said in the order of how it appeared in that person's letter. Do I agree with what Trump did? Absolutely, although I'll admit a better accountability of where the children ended up after being separated from their parents (assuming they were their parents) should've happened. As I mentioned in my earlier letter, if you cross the border illegally, you are breaking the law and you should be detained and eventually deported, like what happens in most other countries. If you desire to ask for asylum, come to a legal port of entry. Trump took a hard line and was right and legal to do so.

Mr. Ruff then was in error (at least partly) in claiming Trump had them charged with felonies. First-time offenders who cross the border illegally are only charged with a misdemeanor, with subsequent illegal crossings, they are charged with a low-level felony. There has been a bill introduced to change the first-time offense to a felony, but it has not been passed, and I doubt it will be. BTW, there is no "claimed" Obama used the same tactics; pictures say a thousand words. Obama got that one right, but of course, received no criticism for it.

Further, Mr. Ruff laments that he only got a "little more" in his paycheck with the tax cuts, while others like Trump got more. I fully explained in my earlier letter why that happened, but Mr. Ruff either did not understand the explanation or chose to ignore it. He then blames Trump for rising gas prices, even though Trump recently told OPEC to drop their oil prices. It is possible the sanctions on Iran have some effect on those prices, however, those sanctions need to stay in place. Huff then claims Trump is weak on Russia, even though facts don't bear that out. This administration's sanctions and policies on Russia are much tougher than occurred under President Obama and even earlier administrations. The tariff policies seem to work, as well, since the European Union just agreed to a zero tariff deal with the U.S.

Yes, Mr. Ruff, I do know the difference between right and wrong, do you? After all, you seemed to be wrong on a few things in your letter. I perhaps was wrong that Trump was only two steps ahead of Obama on policies, after seeing how well the economy is doing and what he is accomplishing on the world stage, he is many more steps ahead.

Mike Williams

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 08/05/2018

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