A great problem to have


Dear editor:

In a recently published letter to the editor, a concern for the local art galleries was voiced due to other events that conflicted with the monthly Gallery Walk. I am, of course, all for supporting our wonderful galleries and Gallery Walk, but I also recognize that Hot Springs has so many cultural events and attractions that there are bound to be scheduling conflicts from time to time. What a great problem for our community to have, too many outstanding programs to choose from!

I am so proud that internationally recognized arts festivals, including the Documentary Film Festival, the Hot Springs Music Festival and many others, had their beginnings in Hot Springs and continue to draw appreciative crowds from around the world to our community. Hot Springs continues to be fertile ground for the creative arts. I applaud all the artists, performers, volunteers, donors, supporters and attendees who contribute to the successes nurtured here.

Hot Springs fine art galleries and studios have hosted monthly Gallery Walk events for over 28 years. They are also open throughout the year and feature a full range of original art from emerging to established artists working in a variety of mediums. There is always something new to discover and celebrate with the arts in Hot Springs!

Dolores Justus

Justus Fine Art Gallery

Editorial on 10/12/2017

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