Why tax yourselves?


Dear editor:

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry Tuesday while reading Joanne Lenahan's letter. She lamented on the voluntary squandering of $10 on her personal taxes because she was told "that the money would go to build a county animal shelter." Now, feeling misled, she would like a refund!

I would say, first, who would voluntarily give money to our inept and inefficient local government? In fairness to Lenahan, however, if her numbers are correct, 10,000 of you did, equaling a $100K windfall. I'm all for voter turnout, but please, please, if you are among those, don't vote in the next election cycle. We need intelligent voters more than numbers -- $100,000, voluntarily given.

A small down payment, if you will, for the sexual harassment settlements by the city government from recent cases, and to help out with the malfeasance and theft by an employee of County Judge Rick Davis, from that office, that has been reported on.

Again, I must ask: Why would you voluntarily tax yourself? Do you really believe the money we already pay is being wisely used by David Frasher, Rick Davis, the board of directors, quorum court or any of the local branches of government? If so, please drive me down one of those $137,500 newly paved roads. At least four of them get done every year, although it's unclear where they're at.

I hate to break it to you, Mrs. Lenahan, but the best, brightest and most honest don't occupy these positions.

And yes, although it seemed minor, I got a kick out of another letter today pointing out how a front-page picture of a city-sponsored event featured Aquafina water, in a city made famous by Mountain Valley. That's who you gave your $10 to. No valedictorians among this bunch.

However, since you are a trusting and well-meaning person, I have a proposal for you and the other 9,999 people who would have been better off burning a $10 bill: Another $10 and let's market the latest Yeti cooler to the remaining Eskimo population in Alaska. Who knows, with global warming? ...

Anthony Lloyd

Hot Springs

Editorial on 10/10/2017

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