The Photo Finishers co-sponsors exhibit


The Photo Finishers is co-sponsoring an event with Waco Hill Photography. Survivors: Portraits of Hope is a community exhibit of intimate portraits and personal stories of local residence who have been treated and survived a cancer diagnosis.

The unique exhibit, now in its 11th year, was created by local professional photographer Waco Hill. The exhibit is on display at center court in Hot Springs Mall, 4501 Central Ave., in Hot Springs, through the month of October.

"I have photographed over 47 cancer survivors since 2006 for this exhibit, including my mother Joyce, who passed away from cancer last December," says Hill in the press release. "The exhibit is ever changing, expanding and ever fresh. This year we have added an interactive element on site for visitors with electronic devices to discover more stories from the exhibit, see additional portraits, watch videos, post their stories and thoughts as well as hear from survivors in their own words and view special memorials for those who we have lost. It is a very brave thing for these people to share their lives and portraits so openly, and it's a very personal project for me."

"All those who stop by support the amazing people honoring us with their personal stories of challenge and triumph, and each 24- by 30-inch portrait in exhibit asks the viewer to reflect a moment upon their own life and family, and come to understand that if they ever hear 'It's cancer' from a doctor, they can recall the everyday heroes of Survivors: Portraits of Hope and have faith and strength to believe they will survive too."

The Survivors exhibit speaks of Hope, Strength, Family, Community, Friends, Love and Faith -- all the ingredients that make the best of us all, and are so apparent in each of these survivors. The exhibit allows visitors to read their stories and look deeply into their faces and find the strength of the human spirit.

Hill adds, "I have said many times that my labors will be well spent if even one person walks away with their burden a little lighter, their spirits a little higher with a little more understanding about overcoming cancer and even more importantly a little more perspective about life, and how precious it truly is and to live each day that one has to the fullest."

"Visitors will see that cancer can take many things away from us, but it cannot take away who we are, and the will to fight."

There is no admission and is suitable for all ages. The mall is open seven days a week.

For more information, visit http://www.wacohillphotography.com, http://www.survivorsportraitsofhope.com or call The Photo Finishers, 1819 Albert Pike Suite F, at 501-624-4029.

Business on 10/09/2017

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