NPMC Rehab Therapy receives 3-year accreditation


The Rehabilitation Program at National Park Medical Center has been issued its sixth consecutive three-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This accreditation will extend through Sept. 30, 2020, and is a testament to the level of care patients receive at NPMC.

"We are very happy to have our accreditation renewed," said Rehabilitation Program Director Melissa Calaway in the press release. "CARF can either deny you accreditation, give you a one-year accreditation or, if you do very well and meet all of the standards, you'll receive a three-year accreditation. There were 1,100 standards we had to meet for this recognition."

According to a letter received by the program from CARF, "this achievement is an indication of your organization's dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served. Services, personnel and documentation clearly indicate an established pattern of conformance to standards."

Calaway said because the organization sets such high standards, the bar for NPMC has been set to a level the staff looks to exceed with every patient.

"To me, this shows that when patients are coming here, they are getting well faster and getting back home to their families and their lives faster," she said.

The Rehabilitation Program has received CARF accreditation every three years since 1999, and has offered rehabilitation services in the community for more than 26 years.

"Our therapy staff has a combined 105 years of experience, with our current team in place for six years," Calaway said. "Terance Dixon has been an integral part of this rehab unit since the doors opened in 1991."

Calaway added that the rehab unit nursing staff has a combined tenure of 294 years of experience.

"We are not new at this," she said. "We are able to offer our patients and their families so much more. Ninety-six percent of our patients stated in a survey that they would recommend our rehab unit to others."

"Should a patient need immediate medical assistance while in our care, we can offer that to them on-site. Dr. Scott Erwin is always readily available for our patients and is very involved. I think sometimes it's those little things that set you apart when a family is looking for medical care for their loved one."

To say Calaway is excited for this distinction is an understatement.

"I am extremely proud to be part of such an amazing and tenured staff at National Park Medical Center Rehab," she said. "Our continued CARF accreditation is an example of our commitment to Quality of Care to be certain that every patient possible can have a rehab miracle and return to their home. Last year we treated over 400 people in the Garland County area. In the last 90 days, 80 patients were discharged back to their homes with greater independence."

Business on 10/09/2017

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