Life in a single-wide


Dear Mr. Chris Chapmond:

I struggled all my life to make a dollar. I was a meat cutter my whole life. An honorable job, I thought. I served my community, as well. Every housewife and everyone in the community, I fed them exactly what they asked for with good service, quality and meat!

I just wanted you to know I live in a single-wide trailer with holes in the floor. I cannot afford anything else! I don't know if you have looked at your community like I have, but there are a lot of single-wide trailers with holes in the floors with great people living in them.

I live on Ragweed Valley Road and they just moved a single-wide in next to me. My great neighbors, the Bradleys, decided to move their parents with dementia in so they could be close to their loved ones.

We hunt a lot and burn somethings, but I can tell you it's not meth! Most of my neighbors are cops living in a double-wide. Is that a double standard? I think not.

You're quick to blame for something that has troubled you for so long. Maybe you need some therapy to get over what has bothered you for so long! Don't take it out on us! We're doing the best we can.

Joel Helgren


P.S. Don't kick my door in! I'm disabled and my dogs bite! Your friend, neighbor and meat cutter.

Editorial on 10/09/2017

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