Equally frustrated


Dear editor:

I read today's (Oct. 5) letter by Chris Covington and understand his frustration. Dan Bugg and our Animal Control Services are a waste of taxpayer money. According to an earlier letter this week, maybe up to three quarters of a million dollars a year for an organization that does nothing, and claims to be able to do nothing.

I don't live in the same area as Mr. Covington, but the "Cat Lady" does come into my neighborhood, drives onto a privately owned piece of property, and dumps cat food for feral and stray cats. I have called Animal Control numerous times, as well as the police department, and been told there is nothing that can be done. Her activities have attracted feral cats to the area, and they are on my property. If I wanted cats, I would own them.

I contacted the people who own the property, they are equally frustrated and have called themselves, to no avail.

Once again, our taxpayer dollars are being wasted on an inept and poorly run city and county government. I drove by the address in Mr. Covington's letter this morning (it's hard to miss -- just as he described, trash in the yard, a sofa out on the sidewalk, and I counted 10 cats roaming on and off the property).

It's time for Bugg (what a name for the head of Animal Control) to go, excuses are like -- well you know, they stink.

Casey Alexander

Hot Springs

Editorial on 10/08/2017

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