Not a mandate


Dear editor:

Perhaps if Mary Robinson (her prose unsubstantiated tirade of June 14) would learn to read better, she would be able to distinguish between accusations of "generalities" and lack of fact and name calling.

Retired officer Reynolds in his letter last week wrote a number of generalities and made one statement that was false, perhaps because he did not know the meaning of the word "mandate." We are all aware that the president was elected (to his surprise) in the last few hours in last November by four states' electoral votes, most of which traditionally vote Democratic. The total number of electoral votes do not qualify for a mandate.

As in other presidential elections, overwhelming popular vote count would qualify as mandates, and in the case of President Nixon (whom I voted for twice), his electoral vote count the second time certainly qualified as a mandate. It was a landslide. However, that mandate turned very sour and soon we were dealing with Watergate, a totally unnecessary move, proving to be the undoing of a presidency that had been quite progressive and beneficial to this great country. And that horrible turn of events caused many Republican voters disillusionment. Nixon's paranoia became so evident, something many of his supporters were never aware of.

It appears that President Trump experiences some of that same weakness.

Now, as to Hillary's service, I suggest that most of Mary's statements are unsubstantiated. Accusations need to be supported with sources. One thing Hillary did as senator was vote for invading Iraq, a vote I found repugnant, as so many now say that unwarranted invasion was a disaster in many ways.

I would remind Mary, also, that praising God's goodness I totally agree with, having been a baptized believer since childhood, but to promote the election of Donald Trump as God's choice is really going the limit, when his past demonstrates so much that suggests an un-Godly behavior.

Have a good day and remember, in the words of a good GOP president, "do a small act of kindness today unrecognized."

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs

Editorial on 06/19/2017

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