County receives proceeds from sale

Commissioner of State Lands John Thurston presented Garland County with $820,855 in turnback money last week from the collection of delinquent real estate taxes and the proceeds from tax-delinquent properties sold at last year's public auction.

It is part of the $18.2 million the land commissioner's office returned to counties in 2016. Thurston said in addition to receiving their share of sale proceeds, taxing entities also benefit from the properties being bought and returned to the tax rolls.

"When we sell properties that have been delinquent for many years, it gets them back onto the county tax rolls producing income that helps a county with its roads, schools and emergency services," he said in a news release.

Property is certified to the land commissioner's office after it has been in delinquency for two years. Owners have two more years to redeem the property before it is sold at auction, and up to 10 days to redeem the property if it sells at auction. The money owed on the property in unpaid taxes and penalties represents the opening bid. Parcels not sold at auction go on a post-auction sales list.

The catalog of delinquent properties available for purchase is on the land commissioner's website, http://www.cosl.org. This year's public auction in Garland County is July 6 at 10 a.m. at the Hot Springs Convention Center. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m.

In addition to the county's school districts, the cities of Mountain and Lonsdale also levy property taxes for their general funds. Hot Springs began levying 1.2 mills for its General Fund in the 2016 tax year. Garland County, National Park College and the county library also levy property taxes.

The following funds and county school districts received 2016 turnback money:

• The Garland County Road Fund -- $15,781.

• The Garland County Library -- $31,539.

• National Park College -- $15,754.

• Hot Springs Street Fund -- $4,372.

• Mountain Pine General Fund -- $291.

• Mountain Pine Road Fund -- $33.

• Fountain Lake Road Fund -- $54.69

• Hot Springs School District -- $310,073.

• Jessieville School District -- $15,414.

• Fountain Lake School District -- $40,492.

• Lakeside School District -- $154,434.

• Lake Hamilton School District -- $176,245.

• Cutter Morning Star School District -- $31,583.

• Mountain Pine School District -- $17,343.

Local on 06/19/2017

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