CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs

Amiee and Brett Turner, Hot Springs, a son, Beau Dylan, June 4.

Jamie and Steve Sawyer, Malvern, a daughter, Ember Lee, June 5.

Leticia Garcia and Armando Andrade, Malvern, a son, Thiago Sabino, June 5.

Maggie and Stephen Ford, Hot Springs, a daughter, Kendyl Nicole, June 5.

Destiny Eligo and Gerardo Eligio, Hot Springs, a son, Dimitri Allen, June 5.

Brady Lum and David Ivey, Donaldson, twins, a daughter and son, Willow Brook and River Fern, June 6.

Sarah and Sergio Rauda, Hot Springs, a son, Samuel Cruz, June 6.

Uriah Miller, Hot Springs, a daughter, Aislynn Fekay, June 7.

Micah and Robert Orozco, Hot Springs Village, a son, Klayton Matthew, June 7.

Joy and Darrell Bailey, Umpire, a daughter, Brinzley Noel, June 7.

Anna and Brett Lambert, Story, a daughter, Gracelynn Lee, June 7.

Angela and Joseph McDaniel, Hot Springs, a son, Adian Lee, June 8.

Amber Lemser and Skylar Gage Nickerson, DeQueen, a son, Aven Whittaker, June 8.

Savannah Brown and Bobby Hulvey, Hot Springs, a son, Parker Eugene, June 8.

Marquita Reliford, Hot Springs, a son, Zayvion Quartez, June 8.

Jordan and Zachery Ayres, Hot Springs, a son, William Carter, June 8.

Kaylea and Quintin Treat, Hot Springs, a son, Oliver Owen, June 8.

Stephanie and David Johnson, Hot Springs, a daughter, Navy James, June 9.

Rebecca McAley and Caleb DeVore, Hot Springs, a son, Daniel Arthur, June 9.

Casandra and Jonathan McBride, Hot Springs Village, a daughter, Emma Jean, June 9.

National Park Medical Center

Not available.

Marriage licenses

June 8

Dillon Eugene Barlow, 19, of Hot Springs Village and Michelle Lynn Porter, 19, both of Hot Springs.

Chase Elliott Bradley, 34, and Jennifer G. Files, 40, both of Bonnerdale.

Jeffery Cole Hall, 21, and Stephanie Lyn Guhse, 20, both of Hot Springs.

Arin Matthew Shaffer, 23, of Crossett and Karleigh Anne Reed, 22, of Hot Springs.

June 9

Ryan Matthew Boatright, 27, and Emilie Suzanne Altimus, 21, both of Hot Springs Village.

Terrance J. Brown, 36, and Ashley N. Martin, 34, both of Hot Springs.

Jose Luis Juarez, 35, and Alejandrina Martinez, 37, both of Hot Springs.

Dierk Scott McCoy, 36, and Jacqueline Anne Dziedzic, 33, both of Pearcy.

Matthew Scott Roberts, 33, and Morgan Elysse Rowe, 23, both of Gilmer, Texas.

June 12

Aaron Wayne Balentine, 27, and Elizabeth Anne Laux, 24, both of Hot Springs.

Karl Brent De Shazer, 51, and Nadine Marshall, 51, both of Pine Bluff.

Paul A. Echols, 33, and Tammy Lynn Ashley, 49, both of Hot Springs.

Todd Lee Gallodoro, 33, and Courtney Paige Young, 20, both of Caddo Valley.

Kevin C. Scott, 39, and Erin Miller, 41, both of Hot Springs.

Ambrose Lamar Strong, 42, and Phyllis Ann Davidson, 58, both of Little Rock.

June 13

David Edwin Penrod, 65, of Ridgeley, W. Va., and Shirley V. Winget, 62, of Waco, Texas.

James Larry Smith, 49, and Melonie Faye Long, 50, both of Hot Springs.

June 14

Michael Warren Davis, 65, and Karen Jean Winsett, 58, both of Grove, Okla.

Logan Kyle Diedrich, 21, and Ashley Mae Merritt, 21, both of Hot Springs.

Spence Dakota McMorris, 31, and Emmy Flora Ilalio, 26, both of Hot Springs.

Stacy L. Reynolds, 43, and Dana Michelle Tuggle, 42, both of Pearcy.

Phillip S. Riedmueller, 39, and Lindsay Erin Luningham, 35, both of Atkins.

Brandon Howell Seals, 35, and Margaret Denise Sims, 46, both of Longview, Texas.


June 8

Rebecca Hawley vs. Lewis Elden Hawley.

Harold W. Watkins vs. Cecil E. Smith.

June 12

Timothy D. Bailey vs. Lorie A. Bailey.

Kathryn Kidd vs. George A. Glasspool Jr.

Paulette Renee Woodall vs. Richard Ray Woodall.

June 13

Elizabeth Latham vs. Joe Latham.

Dee Ann Harvey vs. Gerry Lee Harvey.

June 14

Jeff M. Byrns vs. Naomi R. Byrns.

Civil Cases

June 8

Americredit Financial Services Inc. vs. Shannon F. and Steven R. Moreland.

Cody Richard Brown, et al vs. Erica Hanson.

TD Auto Finance LLC vs. Paula Tyler.

June 9

LVNV Funding vs. Kevin Jones.

LVNV Funding vs. Byron Ford.

CACH LLC vs. Thea Deaton.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Andrew Clark.

CACH LLC vs. Cheryl Tieaskie.

June 12

Systems and Services Technologies Inc., et al vs. Russell C. Hagen.

RaKeem Bennett vs. Kyle B. Clark.

Capital One Bank vs. Charlie L. Edwards.

Shannon Ford, representative of estate of Ralph Junior Ballew vs. unknown persons.

The Citizens Bank vs. Johnnie Evie and Brad Woeppel.

June 13

Iberiabank vs. Duncan Lacour Inc., et al.

Calvary SPV I vs. Jessica Askew.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Rodney Deshields.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Marcus Richardson.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Shantell Dawkins.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Senoralyn Frazier.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. William Camp and David Clark.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Shannon Caswell and Debra Tice.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Gary Lee Furman, et al.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Jorge and Frances Cordero.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Linda and Raganne Simmons.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Jason Nelson.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Fate Canady.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. William Price.

Capital One Bank vs. Douglas C. Herbert.

Security Bank vs. Stephens-Baker Development Inc., et al.

June 14

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Corky Fisher.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Susan Vowell.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Robert H. Badillo.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Dewayne Curtis.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Nathan Johnson.

John Gibson Auto Sales vs. Kentoria Green.

Capital One Bank vs. Shawn E. Smith.

Cavalry SPV I, LLC vs. Wayne E. Hulsey.

Capital One Bank vs. Kelisha Waters.

Capital One Bank vs. Jana R. Tripodi.

Capital One Bank vs. Brodie E. Harris.

Capital One Bank vs. Andrew Rhodes.

Mt. Valley Properties LLC vs. Sarah Sue Garner.

Barclay's Bank Delaware vs. Hollie L. Carter.

Criminal Cases

June 2

Cameron Morris Whitworth, possession of methamphetamine with purpose to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia.

June 8

Sarah Dianne Beaty, possession of meth with purpose to deliver.

Anthony Dwayne Charles, second-degree forgery, theft of property more than $1,000.

Bryan Michael Donoho, third-degree domestic battery, subsequent offense.

Corey Austin Johnson, theft of property more than $5,000.

Khory Tyreke Lemons, aggravated residential burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping.

Paul Price III, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of meth with purpose to deliver, unauthorized use of another person's property to facilitate certain crimes, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a drug premises, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gina Renee Willis, theft of property more than $5,000.

Laron Devale Wilson, second-degree sexual assault.


Western Division of Arkansas

(Hot Springs)

June 9

Paulette Marie Pelton, 126 Northshore Drive, Hot Springs, Chapter 13.

Deborah S. Hunter, 209 Mockingbird St., Hot Springs, Chapter 7.

David Gearhart and Cathyrn Gearhart, 12408 Highway 270, Malvern, Chapter 13.

June 12

James V. Parks, 1017 Mountain Road, Amity, Chapter 13.

Darrell E. Ketchum, 4170 Airport Road, Pearcy, Chapter 13.

Ronnie Carroll Murray, 210 Carl Drive, Apt. D3, Hot Springs, Chapter 7.

June 13

Thomas E. Stanley III, 85 McGough Drive, Bonnerdale, Chapter 13.

June 14

Mary Jean Capshaw, 115 Saint Thomas Cove, Hot Springs, Chapter 13.

Grace Lucille Francis, aka Lucille Francis, aka Grace Francis, 6375 Highway 9, Malvern, Chapter 7.

Eric A. Carpenter and Amy K. Carpenter, aka Amy K. Stevens, 288 Coventry Trail, Royal, Chapter 7.

June 15

James A. Jackson and Lynn A. Jackson, 921 Shady Grove Road, Hot Springs, Chapter 7.

Jugoslav Nakic, 119 Aspen St., Hot Springs, Chapter 7.

Douglas B. Hollowell, 3004 Traskwood Road, Traskwood, Chapter 7.

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