Hypocritical response


Dear editor:

This week, the Arkansas congressional delegation sent a letter to the president in support of the governor's request for a federal disaster declaration for 31 Arkansas counties. This was an appropriate and needed action given the series of severe storms, flooding and tornadoes that have ravaged parts of the state.

However, the hypocrisy of our senators, John Boozman and Tom Cotton, must be called out. Both voted against emergency funding for Hurricane Sandy, the second-most costly hurricane in U.S. history and a storm that directly killed dozens of Americans.

We certainly face fiscal challenges as a nation, but if we can't support each other when tragedy strikes, what does that say about us? And how morally bankrupt are Sens. Boozman and Cotton that they would turn their backs on our fellow countrymen during such dire circumstances and then have the hypocrisy to ask for relief only when disaster strikes back home?

Chris Cannon

Hot Springs

Editorial on 06/16/2017

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