The 'religious left'

Dear editor:

In response to "The 'religious right'," Nov. 26.

If I belonged to a denomination where the man standing behind the pulpit might be married to the man sitting on the front pew, I don't think I would have a problem with hymnals being thrown (kinda amusing). If I belonged to a denomination that was perfectly OK with murdering the innocent unborn, but defensive of a convicted murderer, I wouldn't be too upset about two women fighting over how much arm they should show. Maybe the gay pastor should visit the hymnal tossers where hopefully one would open to "I Saw the Light," then skip on over to the sleeve-length warriors and take a liking to one of them and dump his hubby!

Denying life to the innocent unborn is as legitimate as burning down the "all-you-can-eat buffet" because you're fat and padlocking the mall because you blew all your money.

One of the masterminds of the Benghazi terrorist attack that murdered four Americans just got off with no murder charge! Hillary must have been his lawyer.

I thank God that I do not belong to the religious left.

Liberals act like they don't know that the rioting, flag burning, window busting, throwing rocks at cops, disarming cops, burning cars, stopping traffic, jumping up and down on police cars, stopping freedom of speech when its conservative speakers is all bought and paid for by the wealthy liberal left!

They also have a problem with wealth if it's a conservative, but hunky-dory with wealth if it's a liberal.

They also totally ignore Scripture that plainly says shedding the innocent blood of the unborn (the only ones who are innocent) is hated by God, that homosexuality is an abomination and that if we deny God, He will deny us. (Removing crosses, Ten Commandments, saying happy holidays instead of merry Christmas, embracing other religions, etc.) There is one God!

I will have to say thank you for "religious right" (right meaning "correct"). Right?

I like to write with a little lightheartedness and with a touch of comedy -- preferable to the hate that I detect in some letters. (Unhappy losers?)

God did give us Trump over a woman who has no remorse over four dead Americans because of her high and mighty opinion of herself!

This is from me and my sister, Betty, who makes me look like a shrinking violet with her Facebook postings!

The cowardly NFL kneelers -- I do believe that if they stumbled upon a battlefield where an American soldier lay bleeding and dying, holding up the American flag, they would still kneel. They are total fakes! They wouldn't lift a finger or spend a dollar to help a black family. Disgusting!

God bless America.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/04/2017

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