CMS teachers respond

Dear editor:

We are a group of very tired CMS teachers. We're tired, but not because of what many letters and articles would lead you to believe.

We're tired of others putting words in our mouths. We're tired of people we've never heard of writing letters to the editor speaking of "low teacher morale." We don't even know you, and certainly haven't spoken to you regarding our morale. We're tired of twisted facts and accusations. We're tired of a group of people who've devoted so much time to mudslinging based on rumors, half-truths and retaliation.

At CMS Elementary, we are in great hands. We are so thankful to our interim principal, who has stepped in so capably and with such professionalism. Our elementary test scores have been less than stellar and our interim principal has been working tirelessly to implement research-based teaching practices to improve these. We are working hard, educating kids and improving every day.

Additionally, we are grateful for a school board who takes the welfare of children seriously. When an accusation was made, they took swift action. Beyond this, we are not privy to confidential employee information, as they aren't allowed to disclose this. Frankly, we are a little flabbergasted that individuals would call them on the carpet for this action. They took the well-being of a child seriously. Isn't this their ultimate job?

Regarding the latest accusation regarding salary, we would only suggest comparing Dr. Anderson's salary to that of other superintendents. It's par for the course for a school of our size. Arkansas is committed to keeping education in the hands of local government. If you think it's too high, call your congressman and ask for school district consolidation. Until that happens, this is what you have. If you think low teacher salaries are a travesty, we again suggest that call to your local government representatives.

Lastly, some might ask why we haven't spoken out sooner. Honestly, we are afraid of the same "scrutiny" that our school board is receiving. We are afraid to openly defend our own school. This is sad. We will get attacked for this -- but not by the individual you claim to be intimidating. That's OK. We would also add that no one coerced or even asked us to write this letter. We're grown, highly educated women who can read, write, reason and form our own opinions.

Did you hear that CMS just had its greatest victory in decades? Did you hear we're getting a new high school? How exciting! Can we just focus on that?

Seven past and present

CMS Elementary teachers and

one past teacher that says bring it

Kathy Pearce

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/03/2017

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