Hernandez named to state panel

LITTLE ROCK -- Former Hot Springs School District Superintendent Mike Hernandez was among six new members named to the Charter Authorizing Panel.

The panel serves as the primary authorizer for all charters in the state. The panel oversees the authorization, renewal, revision and revocation of charters. Act 462 of 2017 allows for individuals outside the department to serve on the panel.

Hernandez resigned in April to become the new superintendent of the state office of coordinated support and service. He works directly with the commissioner of the Arkansas Department of Education and the director of the Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative in Monticello. Hernandez previously chaired the panel as deputy commissioner of the ADE.

Ivy Pfeffer, current deputy commissioner, remains on the panel as chair. New members were appointed in an effort to increase representation from multiple stakeholder groups.

The panel will also include Jeremy Owoh, assistant commissioner for educator effectiveness; Kathi Turner, deputy director for career and technical education at the Arkansas Department of Career Education; Mike Wilson -- education advocate and attorney in Jacksonville; Naccaman Williams, former member of the State Board of Education; and Toyce Newton, former State Board of Education member. The ADE Charter Unit provided an orientation for panel members during a working session on Tuesday.

School on 08/13/2017

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