Adrianne Kahn holds final days of EFFY Collection closeout


Adrianne Kahn Fine Jewelry and Design has announced the final days of the 2017 EFFY Collection closeout.

The creative influence of the EFFY Collection has an ancient Byzantine origin. "Expressions of beauty in this jewelry are interpreted through extraordinary colors of precious gems.

Brilliant yellow sapphires, sumptuous cognac diamonds, blazing red rubies and soothing Persian blue turquoise are just a few of the unusual gems included," stated the press release.

"The precision and quality of design by an electrical engineer, whose passion for exquisite jewelry could only become a livelihood in America, is matched by a fine eye for design from a culture that cherished beauty and gems unmatched in the history of Western civilization."

From the same culture that created the notion of crowns, contributed words like tapestry, rose, lilac and sovereignty, the Azure Collection weaves together motifs of ancient and classic design with some of the most incredible colors ever produced deep within the earth.

Visit Adrianne Kahn Fine Jewelry and Design at Temperance Hill Shopping Center, 4330 Central Ave., or http://www.kahnfinejewelry.com, or call Adrianne Kahn at 525-4484 for information.

Business on 08/07/2017

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